Led shower head

Led shower head

Model No.︰FA006

Brand Name︰4Simplelife

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


Now you can step in the shower knowing the water is hot and ready.

Running water activates the bright LED's that light up the water — BLUE for cold and RED for hot.

Installs easily on standard 1/2 inch shower pipe.


Here’s something that looks like a lot of fun. The LED Shower Light will make for a unique showering experience for grown ups and children. The light will go from Neon Blue to Fire Red when the water hits the temperature (89 Deg. F/ 32 Deg. Celsius). This will help warn children also when the water starts to get hot and the light makes it a fun experience for them as opposed to the chore they usually treat it as! The shower just lets you forget the practical side of having to touch the water to check how hot or cold it is.

No batteries needed.


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