Sink Strainers

Sink Strainers

Model No.︰EC0014

Brand Name︰4Simplelife

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

The very finestl sink strainers ever made. They fit your drain better, catch more, are easier to clean and will last 4 times longer then any other strainer you can buy.
They come in four sizes to perfectly fit any drain that you may have.

  • Size #1 fits kitchen sinks and garbage disposals.
  • Size #2 fits stand up shower stalls.
  • Size #3 fits bathtubs, set-tubs and utility sinks.
  • Size #4 fits bathroom sinks.
Italian Sink Strainers
Beautiful, practical, colorful. Imported from Italy. Need we say more.
Standard Size - fits kitchen sinks, garbage disposals and most bathtub drains. Available in chrome, gold, white, ivory, black, brown, navy blue, light blue, red, pink, orange, yellow and green.
Small Size - fits bathroom sinks. Available in white or chrome.

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